Founded by designer Titi Ademola Perez, KIKI Clothing is a fashion brand passionate about blurring the lines – the lines that form the borders between continents and the lines between traditional apparel and modern style. KIKI Clothing creates garments that fit with the needs and wants of today’s international women.

The business began life as an African-inspired Childrenswear brand, known as KIKI for Kids. The designs proved popular, but we were inundated with customers requesting adult versions of the girls’ clothes we were making, and soon the demand to move into Womenswear proved too strong to resist. The brand name eventually evolved into KIKI Clothing, specialising in Womenswear, and a small collection of Childrenswear available in our store in Ghana.

With an emphasis on in-house production within Accra, Ghana, KIKI Clothing is known for its vivid fusions of mixed prints inspired by West African textiles and minimalist, contemporary silhouettes. KIKI Clothing’s approach is bold, dynamic, and effortless in style.

The brand believes in empowering our local community while our designs reach a global audience. KIKI Clothing aims to create fashion with a conscience has led us to support charities who share the same goals.

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